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Here at Custom Home Health, our team strives to continuously go above and beyond to elevate the experience of home health care. Our passion for excellence is reflected in our staff and clinicians, the outcomes we produce and the care we provide. Every single patient and family member our team interacts with is treated as if they are the one and only. Our service area covers all of Southeastern Michigan with a local clinician team in each area allowing continuity of care for all of its patients.

When it comes to home health care in southeast Michigan, Custom Home Health has established itself as a leader with its commitment to providing the most relevant services for those in need. Whether it’s nursing services, occupational therapy, joint replacement therapy, physical therapy, or fall prevention, we have knowledgeable and caring staff to help you every step of the way.

Patient Focused

Custom was borne from a genuine passion for compassion. When you love to care as much as we do, outcomes are optimized, people’s lives are positively impacted, and an entirely different experience is delivered to the loved ones in our care.

Physician Customized

Our team works diligently with your physician to maximize your experience, and to help get you back to your daily life as quickly and comfortably as possible. Your physician will oversee everything performed by our clinicians.

Our Clinicians

We settle for nothing less than the best people, the most caring and competent clinicians, the most innovative industry practices, and the highest levels of integrity. We love what we do…and those in our care will love the way we do it.

Patient Testimonial

Patient Letter

Dear Mr. Tillotson:

It is with sincere and overwhelming gratitude that I write you with regards to your team members, comprised of Liz (Nurse), Pawel (Physical Therapist), Andrea (Occupational Therapist) and Denise (Aide) of while all excel and go the extra mile.

First, Liz is professional, compassionate and creative. Your high quality nurse, in all ways, adds creativity to her list of accolades. Liz was the last person to work with solving the problem of safely entering the bathtub. After a transfer bench and bedside commode frame, various entrance positions; it was Liz who suggested facing the back wall and bending legs backwards from the knees. This turned out to be a viable solution and I was thrilled with the unusual approach. To this day, I continue to enter the tub and feel the sense of confidence and safety. Kudos to Liz.

Secondly, Pawel is an educator as he took on the task of, not only, teaching appropriate & modified exercises; additionally, he provided the rationale behind the exercises. Pawel’s reasoning was vital because he imparted the knowledge required for motivation. I understood the ‘why’ behind the discipline of the exercises and his discipline, sprinkled with humor. Kudos to Pawel.

Thirdly, Andrea is extraordinary. She brought into my home the aura of humor and a smile that lit the room/s. Andrea never stops her personally developed exercises while laughing and talking, being certain that I was performing them correctly. And, to add that ‘extra mile’ provided a shower bench from a friend who has a ministry in helping those in need. Kudos to Andrea.

Fourthly, Denise was kind, respectful and personally involved with the most personal part of your care team. As she knelt, dried my feet; helped me learn how to dress while providing the highest regard for me as I sat there unclothed; or, as she washed my back and applied moisturizer. I felt, and continue to be ever so grateful for her assistance and professional patient approach. Kudos to Denise.

Summarily, I believe it was Victoria who persevered in representing your Company. She is lovely. And, she fortunately won me over. Each of your team members hold many talents and all have their own sense of humor that should be ‘cloned.’ Thank you, once more, for your excellent service.

Mr. Tillotson, should you wish to do so, you have my permission to post this review on your website.

Kindly forward a copy to each of your professionals. They deserve it and the best to you!



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