Five Stars

March Quarterly Clinical Meeting: Celebrating Success

The nature of a home health care company requires our team to be spread throughout southeastern Michigan on a daily basis…a potential obstacle when constantly fostering an elevated work environment and culture. Our Quarterly Clinical Meetings are not only beneficial for training and development purposes, but provide an incredible opportunity for our team to grow and maintain friendships with each other. Our March meeting was not only a time for everyone to bond, but it was informative, educational, and a time for celebrating success!

Celebrating Five Stars

We started off the meeting by celebrating our recent honor of receiving Five Stars on the Medicare patient surveys. This is not only a huge honor, but a huge testament to our elevated standard that our clinicians and staff exceed every day. To celebrate this wonderful news, our centerpieces were fit to the theme. Each star had a comment from a patient, highlighting the clinicians that made their experience so wonderful! Each clinician also received a blue or orange star cookie!

Five Stars

Celebrating Retirement

On the theme of celebration, we also celebrated the career of a truly outstanding nurse that served Custom for over six years, Eileen Boutin, RN. Eileen received an award highlighting that she upheld all four of our Custom Values; Integrity, Excellence, Empowerment and Fun. She also received a standing ovation from her fellow teammates that truly have so much respect and admiration for her. Eileen will surely be missed, but we know we will see her now and then…for once you’re part of the Custom Family, you’re always part of the Custom Family.

Eileen Boutin Retirement

Celebrating Our Values

One of our favorite traditions of our Quarterly Clinical Meetings is honoring team members that have exceeded in upholding one or many of our Custom Values. This time, we honored a group of clinicans after one of our supervisors received a truly heartwarming call. The patient’s daughter called and, long story short, claimed the Custom Team had truly changed her life and her mom’s life for the better. Up until now, she had never received the quality of care that Custom provided. For that wonderful call, Kim Higginbottom, PT, Kim Andes, OTR, Sylvia Phlippeau, RN, and Anne Phair, PT, all received a Value Award for Excellence.

Values Award Winners

Education & Exciting Changes

We had two great presentations by five of the leaders on our team. Being one of our values is Empowerment, we love to empower everyone to get involved and educate the team. Everyone has something to bring to the table…and we love that! One of our presentations was centered around preventing re-hospitalization and keeping our patients happy and healthy at home. We learned specific things each discipline can do to prevent patients from being hospitalized unnecessarily. Another huge part of our meeting was the rollout of a new electronic filing system called Forcura. With this, we’re taking the steps to go paperless with our filing. Not only is it taking our filing to the cloud, but Forcura allows our clinicians to have access to HIPAA secure messaging. It’s exciting and invigorating!


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