June Quarterly Clinical Meeting: OASIS

Another Quarterly Meeting, another chance to learn and grow as a Custom Family. We look forward to these meetings, not just becuase of the yummy food and social time, but because we always leave a little wiser, and in turn, create a higher quality of care for our patients. This meeting was absolutley no different.

When some of our fearless leaders attended the MHHA Conference in Grand Rapids this past spring, they attended a session lead by Jennifer Sandel, MPT, HCS-O on OASIS C2 Training. After being blown away by her session, she was invited to attend and speak at our next Quarterly Clinical Meeting…and we sure are glad she did! Jennifer is just a wealth of knowledge and each and everyone of us came away with something we didn’t know before. With a better understanding of how to complete the OASIS properly, our clinicans excel, the company grows, and our patients receive a better quality of care. Thank you to Jennifer from Home Care Solutions for your wonderful presentation!

Along with the wonderful OASIS presentation, we also celebrated our company values with our favorite Quarterly Meeting tradition: Values Awards. This meeting, we had six award recipients. See below:

Celeste, PT received an award for Excellence.


Suzanne, Director of Nursing, received an award for Elevation (encompassing all four values: Integrity, Excellence, Empowerment and Fun).


Katie and Sam (Administrative Team) received awards for Excellence.


Chris Tillotson, President, received an award for Elevation (encompassing all four values: Integrity, Excellence, Empowerment, and Fun).


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    1. We just keep elevating, Eileen! We miss you around here, but happy to hear you’re volunteering at Custom Hospice!

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